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In Brief

Quickly change default printer.


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  • Novell Client
  • ZENworks
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  • Printers
  • Posted:16 Jan 2004
    File Size:17KB
    Publisher: Pluym Elektronics


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    There's no need to go through the settings in the printer environment to change the default printer, or even to have access to the printer environment.

    MyDefault Printer enumerates all the installed printers in a listbox. Simply select the desired printer from the listbox and that printer will be the default printer (systemwide) from then on. That's all!

    MyDefault printer is freeware and may not be altered in any way!

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    Pluym ICT or the programmer can not be held responsible for any damage caused by this program.

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