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GRBackPro - Professional Backup 6.1.0

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In Brief

Data backup program for Windows Vista/2K3/XP/2K/NT/Me/98/95.


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  • Updated:3 Jul 2006
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    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    GRBackPro is a data backup program for Windows Vista/2K3/XP/2K/NT/Me/98/95 designed to easily solve your backup problems at a low price. You can define multiple backup sessions each having different options. Each session can contains many Jobs. Any Job can backup a whole disk, a single folder or few files. Backup modes are: Full, Incremental and Differential. You can compress your files using the standard zip format and also password protect them. Fully customizable: include, exclude files, skip directories. An integrated restore facility allows you to quickly maintain two or more PC aligned. An integrated scheduler let you start your backup automatically without your intervention. You can install it as a Windows 2K3/XP/2K/NT or Windows Me/98/95 service to have your backups start even if no users are logged in. GRBackPro support network, floppy, Hard drives, DVD, CD and all removable hard drives (NO Tapes). GRBackPro handle a log file where it automatically stores all program activities. GRBackPro is full featured with many professional options. GRBackPro comes with a setup program for an easy installation. GRBackPro is an award winning and easy to use backup application.

    Limitations of the Demo:

    • Zip compression level is limited to 1
    • Zip password protection has been removed
    • Process priority is fixed at "Normal"
    • The log file mode is fixed at "Debug"
    • The report print function has been removed
    • The progress dialog print function has been removed
    • You can define MAX 3 backup Jobs
    • You can define MAX 3 backup Sessions
    • You can define MAX 1 scheduler Events
    • You will get random nag screens after 20-days of evaluation

    • Demo version cannot be licensed.

    Main features:

    • Support for network, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and CD-RW (packet write required), fixed and removable drives. Tapes devices are not supported unless they are visible as a drive letter by Windows
    • Can run as Win 2003/2000/XP/NT or Win 98/95 service process and Logon to any account.
    • Can store backup files/archives on multiple removable media.
    • Fully customizable: include, exclude files; exclude, skip directories.
    • Backup a single file or folder or even a complete disk drive.
    • Integrated restore facility.
    • Integrated scheduler.
    • Create PKZIP 2.0 compatible archives with long file names support and password protection scheme.
    • Backup modes are: Full, Incremental and Differential.
    • Allows you to simply copy files instead of compress them.
    • Recreate exactly your source directory structure so that you can easily navigate into the backup archives and restore single files.
    • Backup to a single archive with stored path names.
    • Synchronize the backup archives with the source files/directories.
    • Run in the background and it is actionable from the tray icon bar.
    • Can start the backup at Windows shutdown or shutdown Windows at backup completion.
    • All backup activities are notified into a detailed log file.
    • A report dialog allows you to view and extract selected activities.
    • Print facility.

    New Version 6.0 Features:

    1. Backup Compare facility
    2. Include file option to include all files, files older or younger than a specified number of days
    3. Simulate backup execution to precisely estimate the backup size and tests for errors
    4. Registry backup history
    5. Backup history
    6. Backup split
    7. Automatic split for zip archives that try to grow over the 2Gb limit
    8. Service options moved at backup session level
    9. Backup security attributes on NTFS file systems
    10. Execute task function, before and or after the backup, that allows you to:
      • execute an application
      • close an application
      • start or stop a service
      • pause
      • email a message (with attached the log file)
      • display a message box
    11. Restore single files
    12. Enhanced scheduler
    13. Log file can be saved in a specified location
    14. Report dialog faster to display
    15. Search on Report facility
    16. The program execution priority can be change while the backup is running
    17. If you have any problem, you can easily email to our support staff from inside the program

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