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Achat - Firewall Tool 1.6

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In Brief

Configure Novell BorderManager 3.7 filters and filter exceptions per LDIF files.


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  • BorderManager
  • NetWare
  • Posted:6 Apr 2004
    File Size:4.3MB
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    Publisher:Michael Stuetz


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    With the help of this tool you can adapt the firewall that is included in "Musterloesung ZWEI" for your school's specific needs.

    Via Update 01 you can set up following services:

    • chat via Internet
    • RealPlayer / RealAudio
    • Access to E-Stat Server of IFK
    • iManager with one and two server version
    • iFolder
    • Newsgroups

    Using following LDIF-Files you can update your existing configuration via this firewall-tool:

    • ML25_Firewall_Update01.ldif
    • ML25_Firewall_Update01-Aktiv.ldif

    Following changes at firewall will be made via ML25_Firewall_Update01.ldif

    FilterExceptions will be substituted

    - iManage, WebAdmin, iFolder-Admin

    Following services will be substituted:
    - iManager-Stateful, RemoteManager-Stateful

    Following services will be created:
    - chat-st Ports 6660-6670
    - EStat-St Ports 7777-7779
    - iManager-St-2200 Port 2200
    - iManager-St-2210 Port 2210
    - rManager-St-8008 Port 8008-8009
    - rManager-St-8108 Port 8108-8009

    Following FilterExceptions will be created:
    - Chat-St-Out
    - iManager-St-2200 und iManager-St-2210
    - RTSP-St-Out und RTSP-St-In
    - RealAudio-St-Out und RealAudio-St-In
    - rManager-St-8008 und rManager-St-8108
    - iFolder und iFolder-SSL-St - News-St-Out

    Remarks: Please be sure to monitor the IP addresses via switch [IP-Address] AND via switch [iManager] as well as the subnets in FilterExceptions

    12/2003 - Server names GSERVER02 or KSERVER02 will be rewritten via INI-Parameter to SERVER while uploading LDFIF-File. The INI-Parameter RULE will be supported in next version
    12/2003 - Sorting possibility in selected list
    12/2003 - iManager - start in main window

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