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In Brief

Capture LPTx to any printer (including NDPS) .


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  • iPrint
  • NetWare
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  • Printing
  • Posted:22 Jun 2004
    File Size:128KB
    Publisher: A.N.D. Technologies, Inc.


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Submitted by Marcel de Roode: We use this tool to capture printer ports to NDPS printers and print queues. You can enter the treename, which capture can't do (Capture.exe doesn't work in a multi-tree environment)

    Capture LPT ports to any print queue.

    (Requires Windows NT 4.0, 2000, or XP - Windows 9x is not supported).

    • DOSPrint can capture LPT1-LPT9 to any local or network print queue.
    • Local print queues do not need to be shared.
    • Capture directly to NDPS printers without requiring a legacy NetWare print queue.
    • Capture directly to local LPT, USB, or TCP/IP printers without requiring sharing.
    • Runs in the system tray for easy access.
    • Comes in 2 flavors:
      • A user-mode GUI which requires a local administrator logon or equivalent.
      • A combination service/GUI which allows capture port assignments via command-line or through the system tray applet, and works with all logged on users.

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