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Novell Client 3.4 for Windows 95/98

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In Brief

32-bit Novell Client for NetWare and NDS.


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  • eDirectory
  • NetWare
  • Novell Client
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  • Secure Identity
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  • Posted:15 Jul 2004
    File Size:15MB


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Novell Client v3.4 for Windows 95/98 supersedes all previous Windows 95/98 client releases. This is the anticipated final release of a Novell Client for the Windows 95/98 platforms. The Novell Product Support Life Cycle Forecast is located at Additional information regarding Microsoft's Product Lifecycle is located at

    The Novell Client for Windows 95/98 software allows users of Windows 95/98 workstations to access and use all of the services available on servers running NDS. The 32-bit Novell Client product brings the full power, ease of use, manageability, and security of NDS to Windows 95/98 workstations. Novell Client for Windows 95/98 fully supports NetWare and NDS services and utilities on a Windows 95/98 workstation, including integrated messaging, multiprotocol support, management, security, and file and print services.

    Novell Client for Windows 95/98 is compatible with ZENworks for Desktops 3.2. For more information on ZENworks, refer to the ZENworks Web site. You should read the Deployment Guide for issues regarding Novell Application Launcher and installation requirements.

    New Features and Fixes

    The following new features have been added:

  • Web-based installation option
  • Novell Client Update Agent
  • Service Pack installation options
  • Additional options on the Login dialog box
  • Uninstall from Add/Remove Programs
  • Improved VPN support with logins
  • Several defects have been resolved since the last release. Check TID #10084675 at the Novell Support and Downloads Web site for more details.

    Additional Languages

    French:   34clt95f.exe

    German:   34clt95g.exe

    Italian:   34clt95i.exe

    Japanese:   34clt95j.exe

    Portuguese:   34clt95pb.exe

    Polish:   34clt95pl.exe

    Russian:   34clt95r.exe

    Spanish:   34clt95s.exe

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