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GWBiz::GWAVA Connector

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In Brief

Collect users' Junk Mail addresses and feed directly to GWAVA!


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  • GroupWise
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  • User Management
  • Workgroup
  • Posted:14 Oct 2004
    File Size:7.5MB
    License:30-Day Trial, Standard and Enterprise Site Licenses
    Home Page:
    Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Use GWCommander's Point and Click GUI to schedule a Job to collect, format, and submit email addresses — from all or some of your users' Junk Mail folders — to GWAVA.

    • Generate a daily Reverse Black List (RBL) from your users' Junk Mail addresses
    • GWBiz::GWAVA Connector integrates with your GWAVA system to put an end to involving end users and wasting your own time in fighting spam
    • Create an automatic task, and never deal with this manually again
    • License this GWCommander Module either in addition to the basic GWCommander, or as a standalone application (with other GWCommander functionality disabled)
    • GWBiz::GWAVA Connector provides 'Last Mile' functionality, bridging the gap between users' Junk Mail Folders, and your GWAVA anti-spam engine
    • See how to set up GWBiz::GWAVA Connector at:

    Upgrade your anti-spam capabilities and reduce your maintenance time with GWBiz::GWAVA Connector, and daily self-generated Reverse Black Lists!

    Download your 30-day trial version of GWCommander today — find out for yourself!

    (GWCommander is fully-functional — including GWBiz::GWAVA Connector — during 30-day trial. After the trial period is over, you may license GWBiz:GWAVA Connector either in addition to GWCommander, or as a standalone application)

    Click here to read the joint announcement with GWAVA.

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