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Compname v0.6

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In Brief

Display SMBIOS information and change/display the computer name.


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  • ZENworks
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  • User Management
  • Posted:12 Oct 2004
    File Size:203KB
    License:Free, Donation
    Publisher:Oli Restorick


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Compname allows machines running Windows 2000 and above to be renamed to comply with a corporate naming scheme. The program can be run from a batch file, or from your unattended install.

    It is capable of reading serial numbers/asset tags from the SMBIOS and using these as part of the name. It can also insert the current date into the new name. Very cool!

    This tool is designed for renaming a machine before it's joined to a domain. Renaming a PC using this tool will break any existing domain membership of the PC. The netdom.exe utility from your Windows CD is recommended for scripting a domain join.

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