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UDP remote disk driver

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In Brief

Software solution for remote disks over UDP for NetWare volumes. Like iSCSI.


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  • NetWare
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  • Remote Control
  • Updated:6 Apr 2005
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    Publisher:Leonid F Krotov


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    UNIX help for nethamd:
    NetHAMd, 0.1.4. Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Lenik (
    This daemon works with conjunction with NetHAM.nlm and provideUDP disk device.

    Usage: nethamd [/size=] [/clnt=] [/RO] [/debug]

    /device=device_name   - REQUIRED, which device is to be used
    /port=port_number - REQUIRED, which port number is to be used
    /clnt=ip_address - OPTIONAL, which client address to use (client filtering)
    /size=size - OPTIONAL, use this switch for devices, that not support ioctl() get_geometry calls. size = device size in sectors; for example, 1Gb = 2097152 sectors.
    /RO - OPTIONAL, use this switch for read-only access
    /debug - OPTIONAL, use this switch for debug purposes
    For example, nethamd /device=/dev/hdb /port=6000

    NetWare help for NetHam.nlm:
    NetHam: Use: Load NetHam </ADDR=ipaddress:port> [/HR] [/EO] [/RO]
    NetHam:       /HR - Handicapped Read
    NetHam:       /EO - Elevator Off
    NetHam:       /RO - Read Only Device

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