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Whois v2.1.0

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In Brief

Get Internet Host Information.


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  • Updated:17 May 2005
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    Publisher:Victor Kulichkin


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    The WHOIS program fulfills some functions of the similar Linux / UNIX command in the Windows environment. With this software you may get information for a host from the Internet Whois databases.


    1. Windows: 2000/XP. The Software was not tested at the Windows server versions.
    2. Access to Internet by the TCP port 43.

    New in v2.1.0:

    1. Added the "Paste" button for operations with Clipboard.
    2. Added the "Transfer to DNS name" button. This button will allow you to get a host name through its IP.
    3. Added the buttons: "Move to the top of the URL list" and "Move to the tail of the URL list". By these the button you will move a host name to the top or the tail of the URL list.
    4. Added some improvements to searching operations.
    5. Improved the interface.

    The utility is recommended for Internet administrators.

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