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In Brief

Search your path for named file(s).


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  • Posted:7 Mar 2005
    File Size:395KB
    Publisher:Bryan Keadle


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This tool scans your path for some named filespec. This is handy for:

    - determine which file a computer is "finding" first. Sometimes you'll find different versions of the same filename along a path. This can cause unexpected results...especially for .DLL files...DLL Hell! Find which .DLL (and how many) of the named .DLL is in your path:

    - find the command that you can't quite remember. Do you have a bunch of batch files and utility programs, but can't always find or remember their name? If you know any part of it, search using a wildcard like:

    PSearchW *password*

    From the dialog of found files, you are given options to Copy, Delete, create a shortcut, explore to the directory, run the program, etc.

    If no extension is specified, only executable programs are searched (according to the PATHEXT environment variable). Track down same-name files but with different extensions...and in the extension execution order!


    If you're looking for a non-executable file, specify the extension, such as a .DLL file:

    PSearchW CTL*.DLL:

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