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GWBiz::Control 2.6

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Manage Enterprise Proxy Rights: Distribute, Revoke, & Report


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  • Updated:4 May 2005
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    License:30-Day Trial, Government/Academic Discount
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    Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    GWBiz::Proxy is a complete Proxy Rights Management solution for GroupWise, providing an intuitive GUI for Distributing or Revoking Proxy Rights to Groups of Users in a single action, even setting the defined Proxy Rights as Default Proxy Rights for the account (so that they are available to all users), and generates a report of the Proxy Rights of all (or selected) GW users.

    As of this version (v2.6) GWBiz::Control also includes GWBiz::Calendar to manage Enterprise Calendars (see separate Cool Tool).

    Distributing & Revoking Proxy Rights

    Proxy Rights may be distributed to or revoked from one or more target accounts - in one action. GWBiz::Control allows easily revoking ALL Proxy Rights before implementing Enterprise Proxy Rights Policies - ensuring security, and overcoming 'legacies' from the past.

    The Target user/s may include: one or more Domain/s or Post Offices, or one or more users.

    These Rights (and Privileges) Include:

    • Mail/Phone Message Read/Write

    • Appointments Read/Write

    • Reminder Notes Read/Write

    • Tasks Read/Write

    • Subscribe to User's Alarms

    • Subscribe to User's Notifications

    • Modify Options/Rules/Folders

    • Read Items Marked Private

    • Set the defined Proxy Rights & Privileges as Default Proxy Rights for this account

    Note: Proxy Rights Distribution & Revocation is a 'silent' process, i.e. end-users are not notified of assignment or revocation of Proxy Rights; but they can view Proxy Rights to their account in the Security Tab of their GroupWise Options (and these also appear in the Proxy Rights Report).

    Proxy Rights Report

    GWBiz::Proxy generates Proxy Rights Report that can be defined for entire Domains, Post-Offices, or groups of users, and are mailed to designated administrators as Text, or CSV files. Each user's Proxy Rights also appear under their account details in HTML Reports.

    GWBiz::Control provides a comprehensive solution that lets you manage Enterprise Proxy Rights easily and efficiently and always know who has which Proxy Rights to which accounts! With GWBiz::Proxy you can reset all Proxy Rights in your GroupWise system before deploying Enterprise Proxy Rights Policies.

    For more Technical Information, see the GWBiz::Commander 2.6 Administration Guide

    The Trial version of GWBiz::Commander includes GWBiz::Control, GWBiz::Retain, GWCommander, & the GWBiz::GWAVA Connector.

    Download your 30-day trial version today - and see for yourself!

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