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ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 Update

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In Brief

ZENworks Imaging for USB devices.


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  • ZENworks
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  • Imaging
  • Posted:28 Jan 2005
    File Size:10MB
    Publisher:Teppo Fahlstedt


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Here is a update for ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5.

    The files in the zip file are based on ZfD 6.5 Imaging Update. I enhanced the patch with support for ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5.

    ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 (if you want the installer tool).

    Just unpack the zip file in the installer tools \data folder and replace the existing files. You are now ready to use the patched ZfD 6.5 Imaging Update with ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5.

    Reason for enhancing this patch from Novell to support ZENworks Imaging USB v6.5 is to be able to get the enhancements as SATA support and the other fixes in that patch.

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