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Windows XP .ADM System Policies
For use in ZfD 3.2.
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Posted: 8 Aug 2002
Created: 7 Jul 2002
File Size: 134KB
License: Free
Download 1:  xpadm_policies.zip
Publisher: Matt Ross
E-mail: m.g.rossTAKETHISOUT@herts.ac.uk
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Includes the following files from Windows XP edited for use inthe Extensible User Policies user package:

The following has been performed on these files:
    Convert from Unicode to ASCII
    Remove all #if ... #endif statements
    Remove all SUPPORTED statements
    Remove all CLIENTEXT statements
    Remove all EXPLAIN statements
    Any lines that have numeric values > 10 digits long
(e.g. MIN 0 MAX 4294967200 DEFAULT 500 SPIN 100) must be reduced to 9digits (e.g. MIN 0 MAX 429496720 DEFAULT 500 SPIN 100)

Thanks go to Hamish Speirs for helping me to get this working.