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NSS Trend Statistics for NetWare 6
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Posted: 12 Aug 2002
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Publisher: James Drews
E-mail: jdrewsTAKETHISOUT@uwalumni.com
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John Pugh sent Cool Solutions this "Cool new util...enjoy".

TRENDNSS.NLM is a NetWare 6 add-on that will allow administrators to track and view statistics for the NSS file system. Prior to NetWare 6, the NSS file system did not provide any way to get at the statistical information other than the NSS commands at the file server console. Now that the NSS stats are available, this NLM will provide a way for administrators to track trends in NSS.

With NetWare 6 SP1, Novell added some trending of some statistics (CPU Utilization, Disk IO, LAN IO, etc). TRENDNSS.NLM takes advantage of the Java applet used to display these statistics.