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eDirectory Backup Script for Linux

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In Brief

Simple script for a full tree backup.


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  • Posted:8 Apr 2005
    File Size:3KB
    Publisher:Mark Batchelor


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This is a little script I put together to get backups of eDirectory from a Linux box. NDSBackup is a good utiltity - you can even schedule it, but I had a need to backup multiple trees, and I also did not want to manage backup directories, or archival directories for that matter. So I put together a really quick shell script to do some of that for me.

    Usage: [-t][-s]

    -t denotes the name of the tree you are going to backup.

    -s denotes the server you wish to backup from. (preferebly a replica server)

    Example: -t my-tree-name -s

    The script takes a full tree backup, and a seperate backup for the schema on each tree. It then mails each report to whomever you want.
    It also handles directory creation past the intitial backup directory. Nothing special, I just did this because I was lazy. :)

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