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In Brief

Command utility to install / remove iPrint Printer without any knowledge of iprntcmd.


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  • Administration
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  • Updated:31 Mar 2006
    File Size:6KB
    Publisher:Christian Mies


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    IPPSCR.COM is an easy-go-scripting tool to deliver/remove iPrint Printer to/from Workstations without knowing the syntax of iprntcmd.exe completely and so it's really useful to use with login script or ZENworks application. You need a installed Version of iPrint 4.0.5 or higher. This is only neccessary for using secure Access.

    You only type IPPSCR 'IP / Hostname of NDPSM' Printername.

    With this tool you can install/remove secure and unsecure Printers to every workstation that has installed an iPrint Client. Unsecure installation / removal will work with Version 2.2 and higher.

    You will find more information in the READSCR.TXT within the ZIP File.

    Updated 3/31/06 - Version 1.0.3: Adding the Default Switch to the Tool

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