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Formativ Applet: Export GroupWise Appointments into Excel
Export GroupWise appointments within a user specified date range into an MS Excel spreadsheet.
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Updated: 10 Mar 2005
File Size: 738KB
License: Free
Download 1:  export_groupwise_appointments_into_excel.exe
Download 2: export_groupwise_appointments_into_excel.exe
Publisher: Advansys
E-mail: serviceTAKETHISOUT@advansyscorp.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Formativ Applet Central

This applet will export GroupWise appointments, within a user specified date range, into an MS Excel spreadsheet report. The appointment durations, for both individual and the appointments total, are also provided in the report.

New Features:

  • The solution now prevents export of appointments in the Sentfolder.

*The installation file contains one or more Formativ Applets, a brief help file and any data required by the solution.

Note: To run the free Applets available on this page, you will need to install one of the Formativ products below:

  • Runtime - For GroupWise users.
    Formativ Runtime is a low cost framework for running an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.

  • Creator - For GroupWise power users and developers.
    Formativ Creator enables rapid GroupWise enhancement, customization and creation of end-user and enterprise solutions. Creator can also run any Applet, including the free solutions available at Formativ Applet Central.

Visit the Formativ Applet Central site for more information.