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ToolBox Utility including COPY.NLM
TOOLBOX.NLM version 1.09d (NetWare v3.12 and NetWare v4.x).
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Posted: 10 Sep 2002
Created: 1 Sep 1998
File Size: 56KB
License: Free
Download 1:  tbox7.exe
Download 2: tbox7.exe
E-mail: ntsutilTAKETHISOUT@novell.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

TOOLBOX.NLM provides various utility functions to be executed on the server console or via NCF files (without involving any clients).

Toolbox 1.9d is a backward compatible version of TOOLBOX that will load on NetWare 3.x (with LIB312A applied), NetWare 4.10 (with LIBUPE or later), and stock NetWare 4.11 and greater servers. It will continue to be available because of backward compatibility.

Toolbox 2.x will only load on NetWare 4.11 with support pack 5 and greater, NetWare 5, and NetWare 6. It has many enhanced features that could not be placed in this version because of the lack of library support.If you are running NetWare 4.11 and greater servers, you would be well served to get Toolbox v2.x.

See TID 2941752 for additional information on version 1.09d.