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Delete User Files (DUF)

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In Brief

Remove all user files and folders without harming the user's home directory.


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  • Posted:27 Jun 2005
    File Size:342KB
    Publisher:Matthew Schlawin


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Unzip DUF.ZIP so that DUF.EXE and INSTRUCTIONS.RTF are in the same directory.

    DUF stands for Delete User Files. This program will delete all files and folders for all users in a directory. For example, a school at semester time might want to delete all student files, without actually deleting the student home directory.

    DUF uses a three step process.

    1. Select the directory containing your users.
    2. List all users whose files will be deleted.
    3. Delete!

    Caution! DUF will work on any directory structure. If you point it at your C: drive, it will delete all files and folders one level below the target directory. USE WITH CARE!

    DUF does not work on UNC path names - mapped drive letters only. It has been tested on NTFS volumes, Novell Traditional volumes, and NSS volumes.

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