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In Brief

Helps automate app installs from Untrusted Publishers under XP SP2.


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  • Posted:5 Jul 2005
    File Size:120KB
    License:Free, open source
    Publisher:Debbie Carraway


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Some application installers do not have digital signatures, making automation harder starting with XP SP2. An error appears that says "Open File - Security Warning" and warns of an Unknown Publisher, requiring manual intervention. This interferes with automating an app installation with ZENworks.

    DoRunRun watches for the warning message, and automagically presses the "Run" button so that the install can continue without manual intervention.

    You specify the application for it to start on the command line. It starts the application and lurks for up to 2 minutes watching for the "Open File - Security Warning" error.

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