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Homecleaner 1.0.2

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In Brief

Script to remove automatically generated backup files from your home directory.


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  • SUSE Linux
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  • Cleanup
  • Updated:25 Jul 2005
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    Publisher:Richard van Kampen


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Homecleaner removes all backup files in the 'not hidden' part of your home directory. A backup file is created automatically whenever you save a newer version of an already existing file. A backup file contains the previous version of the file you saved. Names of backup files always end with a '~' character (example: 'textfile.txt~' is the backup file of 'textfile.txt'). It is generally save to remove backup files, since they do not contain the most recent changes.

    Note: As a safety measure, backup files in hidden directories will NEVER be removed, because they could contain system information you might need to restore when making erroneous changes to those files.


    version 1.0.2:

    • speed improvement.
    • homecleaner without options now returns help. This is to avoid cleaning your home unintentionally ;-)
      'homecleaner -c' does the trick now.

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