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C-Based, NDS Enabled Client/Server Application


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  • Posted:10 Dec 1997
    Publisher:Lawrence V. Fisher


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    AnyInfo Example 1: C-Based, NDS Enabled Client/Server Application Companion package to Developer Notes:

    "The Anatomy of a Simple IntranetWare Client/Server Application: Parts 1, 2, and 3" published in September, October, and November 1997 available via the following links:

    "The Anatomy of a Simple IntranetWare Client/Server Application Part 1"
    "The Anatomy of a Simple IntranetWare Client/Server Application Part 2"
    "The Anatomy of a Simple IntranetWare Client/Server Application Part 3"

    Illustrates how to develop a simple NLM and use an NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) extension to expose the NLM's service on the network. Also, demonstrates how to extend the NDS schema to accommodate an application's special object types. Additionally, it illustrates how to develop a snapin to enable administrators to manage the objects. Lastly, illustrates how to develop the client side of an application with the ability to manage tree lists, to select a tree, search the selected tree for an optimal service instance, and establish an authenticated connection from the client to the server running the optimal service instance. The files available include:

    1. api_read.txt - Brief hints on how to get started with API_Info.
    2. ApinfRT.zip - Contains executables necessary to install and run API_Info client/server sample application.
    3. ApinfCLIi.zip - Contains API_Info client side sources.
    4. ApinfNLM.zip - Contains API_Info server side sources.
    5. ApinfSNP.zip - Contains API_Info snapin side sources.

    Note! Zip utility that supports long file names is required.

    File Information
    Program Type Name Date Size in Bytes Action
    Plain Text
    Dec 10, 97
    Download api_read.txt
    NLM, EXE, and DLLs
    Dec 10, 97
    Download ApinfRT.zip
    C Source Code
    Dec 10, 97
    Download ApinfCLI.zip
    NLM and C Source Code
    Dec 10, 97
    Download ApinfNLM.zip
    EXE, DLLs and C Source Code
    Dec 10, 97
    Download ApinfSNP.zip

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