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In Brief

JNI Gateway between Java App and NetWare service NLM.


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  • Posted:17 Jun 1998
    Publisher:Lawrence V. Fisher, Morgan B. Adair


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Companion package to the January and February 1998 Developer Notes:

    "Extending Your NLM System into Java, with Ease",
    "The NLM Side of the API_Info Java/NLM Gateway Example"
    "The Java Side of the API_Info Java/NLM Gateway"

    This sample project is designed for those who may be interested in leveraging existing client/server application(s) that use NLMs to implement the service side.

    Using a Java/NLM gateway, you can extend your current client base to include applets running in Java-enabled browsers on machines without the Novell client installed, including non-Wintel machines like the Mac. The best part is that you may not have to alter the code in your existing C-based NLM or C-based client at all. The files to download include:

    1. - Contains articles in Acrobat format, sample application source files, etc.

    2. - Same example - contains source files only.

    Note! Zip utility that supports long file names is required.

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    Feb 17, 98



    Same example, Source files only!

    June 17, 98



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