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In Brief

A still-growing, flexible tool for finding and removing duplicate files.


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  • Updated:5 Jun 2007
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    License:Demo: File removal and import/export of result lists disabled.
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    Publisher:Jan Schlüter


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    DoubleKiller Pro finds duplicate or similar files by comparing any combination of name, size, date and content; optionally just a certain part or with a given tolerance. Files can be filtered by masks like *.dll, attributes or file size. When the scan is finished a list containing all duplicates found is displayed and you can select the files to be deleted, moved to the Recycle Bin or a backup folder or replaced by shortcuts.

    Automatic selection allows you to mark the oldest or biggest files of each set or all files in a certain directory for removal, for example. You can save scan sessions and load them any time later to review or continue your work. The complete process of choosing directories, scanning for duplicates and removing files can be automated via command line switches.

    The user interface is multilingual and can be translated to your language using freely downloadable language files. An optional help file provides first-step information, a complete reference, and usage examples.


    New in v2.1:

    • Supports scanning inside zip archives
    • Catalog files: Catalogize CDs/DVDs/folders and scan the catalogues
    • More...

    See also a less-featured freeware version of DoubleKiller:

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