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Lgdaim v. 1.0

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AOL Instant Messenger Log Channel for Novell Audit


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  • Posted:18 Aug 2005
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    Publisher:Brian Hieb


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    lgdaim is a Java log driver for Novell Audit log servers. It uses the AOL TOC protocol to communicate with AOL's instant messenger service. This driver is designed to be an alternative method to send notifications to an AOL user, based on event criteria defined by an Novell Audit notification object.

    Note: Free, but can only be used on Fully Licensed Novell Audit Log Servers due to restrictions within Novell Audit.
    Lgdaim requires jaimlib.jar, which is an open source library for communicating to AIM servers via the TOC protocol. jaimlib can be obtained from . lgdaim was created using version 0.5.


    Download jaimlib from
    Extract the jaimlib.jar file from the zip distribution.
    Copy the jaimlib.jar file, and lgdaim.jar from to the same directory as NAuditLogDriver.jar

    Novell Audit 1.0.3

    On Windows: c:\program files\novell\Novell Audit
    On Linux: /opt/novell/naudit
    On NetWare: sys:/system/naudit
    On Solaris: /opt/NOVLnaudit

    Novell Audit 2.0 (not yet released)

    On Windows: c:\program fiels\novell\Novell Audit\java\logdriver
    On Linux: /opt/novell/naudit/java/logdriver
    On NetWare: sys:/system/naudit
    On Solaris: /opt/NOVLnaudit/java/logdriver

    To create the snapin to administer the channel through iManager, create a folder called aim in the following directory on your iManager server where Novell Audit will be administered:

    Windows: c:\program files\novell\tomcat\webapps\nps\portal\modules\naudit\logdrivers
    NetWare: sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\nps\portal\modules\naudit\logdrivers
    Linux: /opt/novell/tomcat4/webapps/nps/portal/modules/naudit/logdrivers
    Solaris: /var/opt/novell/tomcat4/webapps/nps/portal/modules/naudit/logdrivers

    After creating the aim folder in the destination designated above, copy aim.xml and to that location.


    Load iManager from a web browser.
    Go to Auditing and Logging, Log Server Options, and browse to your Secure Logging Server object.
    Click on the channels tab.
    Click on the designated channels container, then click the link for New Channel.
    Select AOL Instant Messenger Channel from the list. (note, if AOL Instant Messenger is not listed as a channel type, restart Tomcat. Refer to the iManager documentation for details)

    Enter the appropriate information in each field. The username and password are for the AIM account that the log server will log in as.
    The recipients, are the users who will receive the message. Separate multiple users with a space.

    In the message field, enter the desired message to send when an event comes through. This channel supports a list of event variables which can be used to obtain data from an event. For example: var_originator modified attribute var_subtarget on object var_target.

    After updating the channel configuration, associate the channel toa notification object, and restart the log server.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not set this channel up as the primary log channel. Sending messages too frequently may result in the suspension of your AOL account.

    Here is a list of all of the event variables:
    var_sourceIP - obtains the source IP from the event, and displayed it as a human readable string (ie.
    var_originator - displays the originator from the event
    var_target - displays the target from the event
    var_subtarget - displays the subtarget from the event
    var_text1 - displays the contents of text1 in the event
    var_text2 - displays the contents of text2 in the event
    var_text3 - displays the contents of text2 in the event
    num_value1 - displays the contents of value1 as a number
    ip_value1 - displays the contents of value1 as an IP address string
    num_value2 - displays the contents of value2 as a number
    ip_value2 - displays the contents of value2 as an IP address string
    num_value3 - displays the contents of value3 as a number
    ip_value3 - displays the contents of value3 as an IP address string

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