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In Brief

A simple tool for exporting and importing large amount of eDirectory data.


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  • eDirectory
  • Updated:1 Aug 2006
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    Publisher: Novell Professional Services Hungary


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    eDirectory management has never been easier! eDir Manager is an LDAP-based client utility for the export and import of directory objects and attributes to and drom csv files. It is a powerful tool for system engineers doing mass operations in large eDirectory tree structures. In a typical scenario users can select attributes in an eDirectory tree to be exported in a csv (comma-separated) file and as soon as mass operations (eg. server name replacements) have been completed changed data can be imported back in the directory. It can also be used to back up and restore directory data before risky operations as well as for statistical reasons.

    The evaluation license file limited to 50 eDirectory objects and timebombed until the end of the month can be downloaded from

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