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Redhat Proxy Log Parser and Reporting App for BME3x
Report on departmental Web usage of BorderManager proxy servers - for Linux.
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Posted: 5 Dec 2002
File Size: 44KB
License: GPL - Limited support
Download 1:  proxy_reporting_app.zip
Publisher: EIT Systems, LLC.
E-mail: appsupport@eitsystems.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Requires- Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache, and Perl. Three times the disk space as your logs.

Web application: Any current browser should work (Mozilla, IE, Konqueror, etc.)

Parses BorderManager proxy server logs into a PostgreSQL database. Creates top ten user and site reports. Allows for departmental reports on usage of the Internet via BME proxy server. You may customize your departments to include users which are found in the logs (requires authentication to the proxy). These reports can be extensive listing of every access made by a user for a period of time. You may also run reports on sites accessed by a department, or which department accessed what sites for a given time period, and the number of accesses by department (breaks down by User ID). You may also run reports on who has downloaded what and when via the proxy based on the file size threshold you set.

All defaults are customizable. The Log parsing and top ten reports are schedulable via Cron. This application is based in Perl and should run on any platform with minor environmental tweaking of the config file and scheduled script processing (uses some shell scripts).

Please provide feedback to appsupport@eitsystems.com and feel free to reply with any enhancements to either the documentation or code. This is an Open Source initiative and should not be sold for profit (feel free to charge for installation).

Documentation is included in the ZIP file under /docs - MS Word format.