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Add Space Limit Automatically.
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Posted: 18 Dec 2002
Created: 12 Dec 2002
File Size: 1KB
License: Free
Download 1:  addquota.zip
Publisher: Nobird
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This easy, little script is for adding a disk space limit (of a specified server and a specified volume). Users who already comsume more than the specified limit of disk space will be detected and then disk space added to their user account.

Of course you must have rights to set user space limits.

Have much fun with it !

The following software (3 exe files and one msg) youŽll need to download and to save into the [root]\quota\bin directory:

1) Getquota.exe /?    v4.02    196.672 Bytes
2) Setquota.exe /?    v3.82    191.446 Bytes
3) Jrberr.msg
Source: http://www.jrbsoftware.com/04downloads/JRB900A.ZIP

4) Change.exe /!   ?     25.472 Bytes
Source: http://guymal.com/techCorner/Batch_File_Syntax.shtml#CHANGE