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In Brief

Utility to find and/or replace strings in text files.


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  • Posted:26 Sep 2005
    File Size:350KB
    License:Public Domain
    Home Page:
    Publisher:Wolfgang Schreiber


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Change.exe allows you to do bulk changes in single or multiple files. You can do search and replace, automatic or interactive, and apply various include/exclude criteria.

    Syntax: CHANGE <filespec> /find= [options]
    Each change will be shown and must be confirmed on the screen.
    Pathnames and wildcards in filename are allowed.
    Options: Optional parameters are:
     /replace=yyy   :   replacement text
      /u   :   ignore upper/lower cases
      /noconfirm   :   replace without confirmation
      /silent  :   replace without confirmation or display
      /verbose   :   verbose - display unchanged lines
     /sub   :   recurse through subdirectories
      /blanks  :   use '_' to represent blanks in command line
     /quiet   :   quiet: do not display current file name
     /include=xxx   :   replace only if line contains xxx
      /exclude=xxx   :   replace only if line does not contain xxx
     /Pinclude=xxx   :   replace only if page contains xxx
      /Pexclude=xxx   :   replace only if page does not contain xxx
     Options are not case-sensitive and entered in any order.
      They may be appreviated as long as kept identifiable
    Place Holders: Optional Place Holders:
      #CR   :   CRLF
      #TAB: tabulator
      #-#:empty string
      #PERC:'%' character (may be req'ed in batch jobs)
      #QUOTE: '"' character
      #EOL: End of line
      #BOL: Begin of line
      #TIME:current time
      #DATE:current date
      #PATH:path name
      #FILE:file name
      #LINE:line number
      #COUNT: incremental counter (start: 1)
    Examples: CHANGE P:SUB\*.DOC /Find=IBM /Repl=Novell /u
      CHANGE ABC.TXT /Find=IBM /Repl="" /n /i /w
      CHANGE ABC.TXT /F="This one" /Excl="That one" /s
      CHANGE ABC.TXT /F=This_one /R=That_one /w /b
      CHANGE *.TXT /F=today /R=#DATE /s
      CHANGE *.TXT /F=good /R=evil /pinc=Microsoft

    Restrictions: You need sufficient rights and disk space
    Blanks in strings must be quoted or represented by '_'
    Only ASCII text files are allowed

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