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RTMonitor 4.0.3
Monitor BorderManager User Activity in real time.
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Updated: 2 Mar 2005
File Size: 833KB
License: Demo
Download 1:  rtmdemo.zip
Download 2: rtmdemo.zip
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Home Page: http://www.kvy.com.ua
Publisher: Victor Kulichkin
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

The RTMonitor program scans the most current common log file of BorderManager server and creates the following statistics in real time:

  • User IP addresses.
  • NDS user name (if Proxy Authentication is in use).
  • Last web site visited by the user (will see IP address if Transparent Proxy is used instead of HTTP Proxy).
  • Last time this site was accessed in the Main window, and the last twenty URL's visited in the History window, per user.
  • Common loading of the user from the moment of start of the program.
  • Current loading of the user for the current time cycle of the program.
  • HTTP status code of the last HTTP packet.
  • Start time of the program.
  • Number of users accessing the Internet through BorderManager HTTP or Transparent Proxy (3 - for the demo version).
  • Waiting time.
  • Average HTTP loading of the server for 5-minutes.
  • Name of your NetWare server.

Also you can:

  • Sort collected information.
  • Connect to selected Web sites to see where your users have been.
  • Look through the History (cache) of these Web sites for some cycles of the program.
  • Define name of your users if BorderManager could not make it (in this case you see the "-"symbols in the Users column.
  • Save up to ten common log paths in the Recent BorderManager server menu, if you have more than one BorderManager server in the network.
  • Manage blocking access to unwanted Websites and domains using LinkWall by Connectotel http://www.connectotel.com if this software is available on the BorderManager server.
  • Save URL of Websites in the text file (LinkWall list) for the further analysis.
  • See entries of users, which tried to get access to forbidden Websites (403 HTTP code). In this case RTMonitor shows these entries by yellow background in the Main window and gives the signal to the PC speaker.
  • Create HTML reports for the Main and History modes.
  • Change the color for the active users’ font and the background color for forbidden entries in the Main window.
  • Establish max number of users accessing the Internet through NBM HTTP or Transparent Proxy for showing in the Main window, from 1 to 32767.
  • Get traffic diagrams for HTTP proxy for the current hour or day.
  • Get personal NDS information for user.
  • Get information for a desirable host from the Internet Whoisdatabases by the Whois command

The program works with Novell BorderManager 2.1, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 or CProxy by Connectotel. The utility was not tested on Novell BorderManager 3.0.

New features:

  • Refreshed some codes from the new NDK (September, 2004).
  • Changed the installation program of RTMonitor.
  • Added the Whois command to the Main and History windows.
  • Added the Refresh button in the History window. This command forcesRTMonitor to reread the common log file without waiting for the nextpass.
  • Mouse's doubleclick added to History command.
  • Enhanced NDS information mode.
  • Changed the algorithm of defining name in Define name mode for pureIP networks. For this operation you must have operator rights on allNetWare servers.
  • Added automatically saving and restore of size of the main windowfrom the previous session.
  • Changed HELP.

Full information about the program: http://www.kvy.com.ua.

Instructions for using the program are available at Craig Johnson's Web site: http://www.craigjconsulting.com/rtmonitor.html

The version number is 4.0.3.