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ZfD4 Redistribute Bug
Prevents redistribution of registry keys after Upgrade to ZfD4.
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Posted: 20 Feb 2003
File Size: 369KB
License: Free
Download 1:  naldot.exe
Publisher: Tommy Mikkelsen of IT Quality ApS, and Shaun Pond of Novell
E-mail: tmNoSpAm@itq.dk
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

Background: See TID 10080171, about applications redistributing after upgrading to ZENworks for Desktops.

The impact on the user when this is happening is:

  • If it is an application that prompts the user during installation, the user will get prompted again.
  • If is an application like MS Word, and the end user has customized the settings, they might get reset to the default settings.

A fix for this should be in ZfD4SP1 - NAL will check both versions of the key before distributing. Until ZfD4SP1 is released, NalDot.exe can be used.

How to use the program:
The user logged in must be an admin on the wkstn, or the prg. Must be run with system rights.
Edit the login script by adding the following line:
     NalDot /Tree:<MyTree> /Version:<MyVersion>

What NalDot does:
1. Is ZfD4 Agnt. installed on the Wkstn. If not then exit.
2. Is the Version Stamp is present, and equals the commandline, then exit. (Like a run once)
3. Is there any NAL-Apps installed on this Wkstn, that came from the tree specified from command-line...If not, then exit.
4. Update Reg for all users underneath the specified tree in HKLM and then stamp the registry with the versionstamp and exit.