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GWSkype for GroupWise

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In Brief

Integrates Skype with GroupWise Client exposing ALL Skype functionality in the GW Client.


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  • GroupWise
  • GroupWise 6.5
  • GroupWise 7
  • Posted:18 Oct 2005
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    Publisher: OpenNet Software Ltd.


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    GWSkype, the first Wiselet from OpenNet Software, provides complete integration of Skype with the GroupWise client, allowing GroupWise users to use Skype from the GroupWise Client, and providing GWBusiness-style integration - matching users from GroupWise's Address Books with Skype users in GWSkype creates an Address Book of Skype contacts.

    Context sensitive menus expose relevant Skype functionality whatever you happen to be doing in GroupWise, making Skype an integral part of the GroupWise Client.

    GWSkype allows you to do all this from the GroupWise Client:

    • Call Skype users
    • Chat with Skype users
    • Send files to Skype users
    • Check Skype Users' Online Status
    • View the Online Status of all your Skype Buddies
    • View a list of recent Skype contacts
    • Match GroupWise and Skype contacts
    • Open Skype's 'Add a Contact' Window
    • Maximize Skype's Main Window

    Did we mention that GWSkype is FREE?

    OpenNet Wiselets for GroupWise (OWG) is a framework to dynamically add functionality to Novell's GroupWise client.

    OpenNet provides OWG to the GroupWise community free of charge, and will release additional Wiselets on a regular basis.

    Many Wiselets will be free - some will require a commercial license - and many will be suggested by you.

    To suggest a new Wiselet, simply drop us a line at, and we'll put it on our ToDo list.

    For organizational deployment of Wiselets we will be offering a System Administrator's Deployment tool. For more information, contact

    To start GWSkyping, download the OWG installation (GWSkype is inside) today - With GWBusiness, the Skype is not the limit!

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