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In Brief

Server-based tool to prevent unwanted files from using resources on your network.


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  • Posted:25 Oct 2005
    File Size:283KB
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    Publisher:Hamish Speirs


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    BlokFile.NLM is the solution for servers accumulating masses of undesirable files. MP3's, AVI's, MPG's, WAV's - any and all unwanted, un-needed files. They take up space on your server disks, they take time and space to backup. Whether you want to rid your servers of these files to enforce internal policies or legal requirements - BlokFile is the solution.

    Basically, BlokFile takes a list of volume & file wildcards, then prevents the access or creation of any files meeting that specification. Additionally, it can scan files for known formats and block access based on the content, even if the file has been renamed. eg if MyMusic.MP3 has been renamed to MyMusic.XYZ; content scanning will still detect the file as an MP3 and block access to it.

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