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In Brief

Clean up local Windows user accounts (profile directory and SAM) from the command line.


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  • Novell Client
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  • User Management
  • Windows
  • Updated:17 Nov 2005
    File Size:567KB
    Publisher:Bryan Keadle


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Similar to this Windows user accounts cleanup tool:

    This utility, DelLocalWinUser.exe (Delete Local Windows User) is a manual utility that enables you to clean up local Windows user accounts (profile directory and SAM) from the command line.

    A common and unique feature of this utility is the ability to delete all local account that haven't been used for a number of days.

    DelLocalWinUser * 30

    This is handy for keeping shared-use computers from getting clogged with old, unused accounts.

    SYNTAX: DELLOCALWINUSER (username / *) (Days_old) (QUIET)
        Username - Name of local account to delete
        * - if wildcard specified, delete all local accounts
            according to number of days old specified as a 
            second parameter, excluding accounts listed in
            an exlude list file, DELLOCALWINUSER.EXCLUDE,
            and the following hard-coded accounts:
                DEFAULT USER
                *NT AUTHORITY

    10/17/05 Update: AUTHOR NOTE UPDATE
    This update addresses the issue with bombing out on names with apostrophes.
    One could run this as a service using the SRVANY tool from Microsoft.
    This would need to be run as an Administrator-level account. Could use the RUNAS.EXE utility to launch DelLocalWinUser as an Admin-level account.

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