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NDS Login Script Editor 1.2
Either search or search & replace login scripts for users, organization containers, org units, templates, and profiles in NDS.
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Updated: 3 Mar 2004
File Size: 1.5MB
License: Free
Download 1:  logscript.zip
Publisher: Jeff Brusoe
E-mail: ndsdevelopment@yahoo.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This is an editor that will search the NDS tree below a specified container looking for a user-specified search string contained in a login script. It will search login scripts contained in users, templates, profiles, org units, and organization objects. If the user desires, it will also replace instances of the search string with another character string.

"How to use" instructions are contained in the readme.txt which is copied into the program's installation directory.

This program was used when we migrated from NetWare 5 to NetWare 6. As part of this migration, user data was moved from one server in the tree to another. After this was done, we next had to modify every login script, which obviously is time consuming to do and led to the creation of this program.

Updates included in this version include:

  1. Corrected a type mismatch error that would occasionally occur whenreading the last name field of a user account.
  2. Corrected an error that resulted with using this program with the 4.9 client.
  3. The results window now resizes correctly.
  4. A checkbox was added that allows old log files to be overwrittenautomatically.Previously, the user was prompted every time.