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NDS User Objects Engine v2.5
Automate bulk operations on user objects (e.g. renaming multiple user IDs, creation of alias objects).
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Updated: 25 Apr 2005
File Size: 200KB
License: Evaluation
Download 1:  ds_user_ren.zip
Publisher: CompIntelliSystems
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

This tool is based on its predecessor, the Win32 console application, that was primarily designed to help network administrators to quickly and safely rename multiple User objects in the NDS tree using Given Name and Surname attributes, in order to comply with new corporate name standards.

The new version presents a considerably redesigned and enhanced application with the GUI interface, additional functionality that is expandable to deliver new features, and a high level of customization to address specific needs of virtually any organization.

The following enhancements have been implemented in this version:

  • name patterns for user new Common Names (CNs) can easily be selected or customized to comply with virtually any naming requirements
  • home directories can also be automatically renamed to match new Common Names
  • creation of user alias objects in a specified target container
  • performance and monitoring related parameters are now available for modification
  • Wizard mode for ease of configuration

Configuration of the utility is self-evident and does not require any specific instructions.

All statistics pertaining to performed operations and encountered issues is always recorded into the log file for subsequent reference and analysis.

Ambiguous situations like duplicate names, incorrect symbols found in the Surname and Given Name attributes, and some other possible inconsistencies are handled by leaving User objects in question intact, i.e. without making any modifications to them, and reporting such conflicts into the log file, as well as onto the screen if unattended mode is not enabled (default).

In the evaluation mode, the program will process only the first 100 user objects as the preset maximum. To enable its full functionality, a license file individual for each NDS tree needs to be obtained from the owner.