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In Brief

Used with nlist.exe to compile a list of users' emails in a given context.


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  • eDirectory
  • Posted:28 Nov 2005
    File Size:139KB
    License:Free to use with nlist.exe
    Publisher:Aaron Moline


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    How to use EmailSearchTool

    1. Edit the "settings.ini" file so it knows where "nlist.exe" and "cx.exe" are located.
    2. Create a text file that has Novell User names line by line. (see "userlistexample.txt")
    3. Run "EmailSearchTool.exe".
    4. It will ask what context you would like to search.
    5. It will then ask for the file that contains the usernames it will find the e-mail address for.
    6. It will then ask where you would like to save the address.
    7. Once you run it, it will give you a progress bar displaying what name it's looking for and write to the file you specified. Once done it will open that file for you.

    How it works

    1. Changes to the root of the Novell tree and then to the context you've supplied in the input box.
    2. It will then run the nlist command to search for e-mail address for each user in the text file you've supplied to the application.
    3. Once it finds the name, it will then write it to where you've selected.

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