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UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1

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In Brief

The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.


Updated:1 Sep 2007
File Size:640KB
License:Demo only for one server in the tree.
Home Page:
Publisher:Victor Kulichkin


Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


UserKVYMonitor is an analyzer of user activity on a NetWare server. Only by using this program you can know who of your users has loaded the server.

UserKVYMonitor scans user connections on the NetWare server and collects the following information:

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  • The full list of users logged on the server.
  • Connection numbers of these users.
  • Their login time.
  • How many bytes each user has read from the server after login and start of the program.
  • How many bytes each user has written to the server after login and start of the program.
  • How many requests each user has made on the server after login and start of the program.
  • How many files each user created on volumes of the server.
  • User's total time in the network after login.

Using this program you also can fulfill the following operations:

  • Select servers for review.
  • Disable/enable login on the server.
  • Refresh information in the main window.
  • Get the full list of all opened files on the server.
  • Get the list of open files for each user.
  • Search files by their types.
  • Get information from NDS for a wanted user.
  • Send a message to any user you want.
  • Clear a user connection on the server.
  • Set time for automatic poll of information from the server.
  • Get information about server's work (the general information from the Console Monitor utility).
  • Save all information to a HTML file.
  • Ping workstations and servers by IP or IPX.
  • Remote management of workstations via Novell ZENworks Remote Management Agent.
  • Review the current Console.log.
  • Control NLM on the server.
  • Execute a NCF file on the server.
  • Run a network utility on your workstation.

The full information about the program and its new features is placed:

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