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Extended Attribute Space

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In Brief

Script for populating extended attribute space in files.


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  • Posted:21 Dec 2005
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    Publisher:Dean Giles


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Linux allows 4k of extended attribute space. This utility creates three files:
        One file (test1) with one user-defined attribute and a value for that attribute.
        One file (test10) with 10 user-defined attribute and corresponding values.
        One file (test100) with 100 user-defined extended file attributes and values.
    This last file fills completely the 4k extended attribute space. The files are filled with an echo of the data put into the extended attribute space so the contents of the file can be compared against the contents of the user-defined extended attributes.


    From the Linux console prompt just type the name of the utility. ./ This will create a directory called /ExtFileAttr, and put the files test1, test10, and test100 into that directory.

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