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NwDsk 3.22: NetWare Boot Disk (IP/IPX)
A menu-driven plug 'n play DOS boot disk for accessing NetWare servers by IP/IPX.
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Updated: 25 Jan 2005
File Size: 1.5MB
License: Free
Download 1:  fd32e.exe
Download 2: fd32e.exe
Screenshot: view
Home Page: http://www.veder.com/nwdsk/
Publisher: Erwin Veermans
E-mail: nwdsk@TAKETHISOUTveder.com
Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.

An automated menu-driven plug 'n play DOS boot disk for accessing NetWare servers by IP/IPX.

The boot disk can be constructed using Novell's 32-bit client (NLM) or the 16-bit client (VLM) or even both. Choices for protocols (TCPIP or IPX or both), frame types, topology (ethernet, token-ring, fddi), TCPIP-settings, nic driver detection, packet-driver support, connect-information, and more can be made using menus and saved to user-profiles on diskette to prepare for fully automated sessions.

When PXE and WinPE/BartPE (see NwDskPe) are not applicable an NwDsk diskette can be used for processing images between workstations and NetWare servers using Deploy Center or Ghost (even Multicast), or server to server using Storage Manager. It can also serve as the starting point for launching a pré-configured unattended installation of your client OS like XP, W2K, NT or W98 from a NetWare server. Next to that NwDsk is being used as a sole TCP/IP stack (Novell's 32-bit TCPIP or by packet driver on 16/32-bit ODI layer) to serve Citrix's DOS ICA client, VNC's DOS viewer, the Arachne browser, DOSRDP (Terminal Services for DOS), and the IP DOS print server PPRD.


  • Updated UDMA2, HIMEM/UMBPCI, Kernel, CDROM driver, USBASPI, and much more.
  • Added "press any key"-message to all timed dialogs to reduce end-user panic.
  • An 'improved' MsDOS 7.10 version now also available (see images on Home Page).
  • Added USB support (facilitating imaging to/from your USB flash-drive).
  • Added support for multiple NICs (option to ignore certain NICs).
  • Added FdNwd288.img Ultimate NwDsk (2.88 image for bootable CDROM).
  • Added option to skip ramdisk when booting NwDsk from a harddisk.
  • Added utility What1632 to check available PCI Nic drivers.
  • Added high speed Ultra-DMA Harddisk support (UDMA.SYS) on FreeDOS for faster Harddisk access.
  • IP LPD print server module (PPRD) available (alternative NPRINTER for IP)
  • Menu driven SLP-configuration (Scopes, DAs), SLP-diagnostics by SlpInfo
  • Option not run twice on same PC in a row (disabling rerun when floppy not removed)
  • Integrity check available (immediate abort when diskette has been compromised)
NwDsk Features:
  • Features 32-bit (NLM) and 16-bit (VLM) NetWare client
  • Supports TCP/IP (NLM) and IPX/SPX (NLM & VLM) protocol (even simultaneously)
  • Supports 32-bit ODI Nic drivers (NLM) and 16-bit ODI Nic drivers (NLM & VLM)
  • PCI Nic auto-detection (uses pré-saved list to speed up detection)
  • ISA Nic auto-selection (selects single ISA Nic upon PCI Nic auto-detection failure)
  • Multiple Nic detection support (option to exclude certain Nics)
  • Supports multiple Frame types (including SLOT auto-detection with 32-bit ODI drivers)
  • Autodetects Ethernet, Token-Ring (LSB/MSB/SROUTE), FDDI (SROUTE) topologies
  • TCP/IP and SLP fully configurable by dialogs (SLP-diagnostics by SlpInfo.bat)
  • Client fully unloadable and reloadable without rebooting (both 16- and 32-bit client)
  • Packet Driver support on IPX (VLM & NLM) available (Wattcp, Ghost Multicast)
  • Supports USB (facilitating imaging to/from your USB flash-drive/pen-drive)
  • IP LPD print server module (PPRD) available (NDPS aware NPRINTER alternative)
  • Minimum hardware requirements: 386, 16 MB Ram, Nic, 1.44 MB floppy drive
  • Can be made to boot (without user intervention) from a bootable CDROM
  • Fully automated by (timed) dialog boxes, choices can be saved to profiles on diskette
  • All dialog boxes can be hidden from end-user
  • Modular design (add/drop components as you wish)
  • Very easy driver plugin support (user can build and add own driver modules)
  • IP-address and/or MAC-address are captured into ENV-vars (IPADDR, MACADDR)
  • Also in 8-char format (IPADDR8, MACADDR8) for conditional (short-name) mappings
  • User can add NetWare login-scripts and/or batch-files which autorun after login
  • Already-run detection available (NwDsk will not run twice in a row on same PC)
  • User may allow/deny login per MAC/IP-address (in exception to the rule above)
  • Integrity check available (immediate abort when diskette has been compromised)
  • Scroll back console screens (press SCROLL-LOCK and ARROWS to scroll the screen)
  • Fits on one diskette inluding Nic drivers and various add-ons
  • Supporting >64MB memory (Himem)
  • UDMA IDE hard disk support (FreeDOS)
  • Can also be used to boot from hard disk (skipping ramdrive)
  • Default diskette supports: Mouse, Cdrom, Ntfs-readonly, int.-Keyboard, NC-clone, ...
  • Extra available modules: Linux-EXT2, Long File Name, FdApm (suspends CPU), ...
  • FreeDos supported and included (much lighter & faster, but less compatible: try it!)
  • OpenDos (DrDos) supported and included
  • Absolutely free!
Visit NwDsk for documentation, FAQ, and more downloads.
Any comments, questions, bug-reports, new drivers to nwdsk@TAKETHISOUTveder.com.