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BET - The Bash Enhancement Tool

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In Brief

Enhance your experience with the bash shell.


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  • Updated:17 Oct 2006
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    Publisher:Makarand Hazarika


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    BET is a tool that is used to enhance your experience with the bash shell. This is for the advanced users who spend more time in the command line than mouse clicking. It is a set of aliases and functions which are supposed to simplify most of the complicated and frequently used commands. These aliases and functions get included in the bashrc file of the user and then get activated during the login of the user.

    The following are enhancements provided by bash :-

    • kon, ns -- you can start konqueror and nautilus just by typing kon and nsrespectively.
    • stx, po -- short for startx and poweroff.
    • ppd -- print previous dir.
    • pppd -- print previous to previous dir.
    • cdp -- change to previous dir.
    • cdpp -- change to previous to previous dir.
    • md -- make directory

    You may need to change it according to your system :-

    • ejectc -- eject cdrom drive
    • ejectd -- eject dvd/combo drive
    • mnt -- mount cdrom drive
    • mntd -- mount dvd/combo drive
    • umnt -- unmount cdrom drive
    • umntd -- unmount dvd/combo drive

    If the user chooses, BET makes the shell interactive for copying, moving and removing files. For mplayer users, BET allows the mplayer to start in fullscreen.

    • mx -- makes executable (for those who writes too many shell scripts and needs to make them executable.
    • gco -- same as gcc, but will make the output filename same as the input filename minus the .c extension.

    If you want more features added, you can make suggestions to the author.

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