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In Brief

Command line utility to quickly disconnect from all NetWare/eDirectory servers.


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  • Administration
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  • Posted:24 Apr 2006
    File Size:392KB
    License:Public Domain
    Home Page:
    Publisher:Wolfgang Schreiber


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Is the 'Red N' too slow to disconnect you from trees and servers?
    Do you want to disconnect by only one click?
    Do you need to disconnect in batch mode?
    Use NWLogoff.

    NWLogoff will disconnect you from all connected NetWare/eDirectory services.

    First it will scan the trees that you are connected to, and log you out.
    Then it will scan your remaining server connections and disconnect if necessary.

    Be aware that this will disconnect your PC, even if you have files open, so use the program with care to avoid data loss.

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