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RconIP Front

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In Brief

A small windows frontend for rconip.


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  • NetWare
  • Open Enterprise Server
  • Posted:27 Apr 2006
    File Size:37.7KB
    Publisher: RDA Enterprises


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    RCONIP relies on SLP discovery to list the available servers. If SLP is not working for you or you want to connect to a different server you must use a combination of switches with RCONIP.EXE.

    RCONIP Front gives you a window (just like RCONJ.EXE) where you can input hostname/IP address, enable SSL and password.

    If you love RCONIP you are going to enjoy this tool.

    Features include:

    • Server Address History
    • Multiple RCONIP instances

    Requirements: .NET Framework / RCONIP

    Please, report BUGs to

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