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ActWise 2006 - ACT! integration for GroupWise

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In Brief

Allows email sent from GroupWise to be attached to the contact records in ACT! as well as synchronise calendar details from GroupWise into ACT! and ACT! contacts into GroupWise address books.


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  • Posted:3 May 2006
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    Publisher: Redback Systems


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    ActWise 2006 provides complete email and calendar integration between Sage's ACT! CRM solution and Novell GroupWise. ActWise 2006 installs in a snap and allows a user to use GroupWise instead of Outlook for emailing to and from their ACT! contacts. You don't even need to run the ACT! email wizard, ActWise handles it all transparently.

    Address GroupWise emails to ACT! contacts

    Address GroupWise emails to contacts in your ACT! databases. Select an ACT! 'lookup' or an individual contact from ACT! and create a GroupWise email addressed to those contacts. ActWise even creates a dynamic ACT! address book inside GroupWise itself.

    Attach GroupWise emails to ACT! records

    When you send a GroupWise email, ActWise converts the email to an Internet standard MIME message and automatically attaches the email to the appropriate ACT! record. ActWise also allows you to retrospectively select emails you've received in GroupWise and attach them to any ACT! record/s.

    Convert GroupWise Calendar items to ACT! activities

    Any GroupWise calendar item that ActWise can attach to an ACT! record can be converted to a native ACT! Activity. GroupWise Appointments, Tasks and Notes can become ACT! Meetings, To-do's and Notes. ActWise even converts GroupWise alarms and priorities!

    Synchronise ACT! contacts with GroupWise

    As you make changes to ACT! contacts, ActWise can synchronise the ACT! contact data into GroupWise address books, they can even be shared with non-ACT! users like any other GroupWise address book.

    Mail merge with ACT! Contacts

    Use the ActWise wizard to generate a mail merge with data stored in fields in your ACT! database. Send these emails via GroupWise directly, or schedule them to go 'out of hours' via an SMTP server.

    Standard & Professional Editions

    In response to customer feedback from previous ActWise versions, not only has ActWise 2006 been greatly simplified but it is now available in two versons - Standard and Professional. ActWise 2006 Standard Edition provides IT departments the flexibity to mass deploy ACT! and ActWise without the complexity of the Professional edition and at a much reduced license cost.

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