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In Brief

Check relationship of objects.


Product Categories:
  • Identity Manager
  • Posted:13 Jun 2006
    File Size:299KB
    License:Open Source
    Home Page:
    Publisher:Alfredo Luiz Santos


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    format: java LdapCheck ip port user pass queryString baseOr baseDest attRefOr attRefDest attLinkDest file type
    ip: ip of ldap server
    port: port of ldap server
    user: ldap user
    pass: user password
    queryString: query string ldap format
    baseOr: source ldap base. Ex o=novell
    baseDest: dest ldap base
    attRefOr: source link attribute
    attRefDest: dest id attribute
    attLinkDest: dest link attribute
    file: output file
    type: type of report 1 - found | 2 - not found

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