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iManager Plugin Installer

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In Brief

Automated iManager plugin installer for iManager running on all platforms.


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  • iManager
  • SecureLogin
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  • Secure Identity
  • Updated:16 Nov 2006
    File Size:401KB
    Publisher:Talekar Nagareshwar


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

    Screenshot of iManager Plugin Installer

    Now the iManager plugin installer can install any plugins irrespective of platform on which iManager is running. There has been problem with iManager 2.5 and 2.6 versions w.r.t installing and uninstalling the plugins on different platforms. Most of the time plugins were not uninstalled completely leaving them in the hanging state and thus preventing reinstalling those plugins. Then the user has to manually install/uninstall the plugins which is more tedious task since the user has to manually copy the right files at the right location in iManager.

    This tool has been written to resolve the above mentioned problems and make the job of installing/uninstalling plugins smoother. Even for the first time, this tool makes it easy to install the plugins rather than doing it from iManager. If you have problem in uninstalling the plugins, then just install the new version of plugin using this tool. All old files will be replaced with new ones automatically.

    Note that you have to manually start and stop the Tomcat server, when you are installing plugins for non Windows platform such as NetWare, Linux etc. For windows, it will be automatically done by this tool.

    How to use this application

    Here are the simple steps to install the plugins using this tool.

    • Launch the iManager Plugin Installer application.

    • Select the target platform based on location of iManager. If the iManager is running on Windows local machine then select "Windows platform" else select "Non Windows" platform. For platforms other than windows, you have to manually stop tomcat server before proceeding further.

      For NetWare use the following command
      perl sys:/tomcat/4/bin/ sys:/tomcat/4 stop
      For Linux use the following command
    • Select the plugin file using "Browse" button. Make sure you have write access to plugin file directory. Otherwise it will not be able to extract the files during installation.

    • Next select the tomcat directory by clicking on Browse button next to "Tomcat Path". This tool displays the default installation path ( C:\Program files\Novell\Tomcat ) of iManager standalone version.

      For iManager running on non windows platform such as Netware or Linux, map the corresponding tomcat folder on your local windows machine and then specify the exact tomcat path. For example I have mapped Netware SYS volume to H drive on my local machine and specified "H:\tomcat\4" as the path of tomcat directory.

    • Once you have specified right parameters, click on "Install Plugin" button to install the plugins. On successful installation of plugin, you will see the following message "Specified plugin is installed successfully". Instead if you see error message related to copying the files/directory then make sure you have specified right file/directory and also make sure you have write permission.
    • If your iManager is running on non Windows platform, then don't forget to restart the Tomcat server.

      For NetWare use the following command
      perl sys:/tomcat/4/bin/ sys:/tomcat/4 start
      For Linux use the following command


      Version 2.0 16th Nov 2006
      It is made generic to install any of the iManager plugins.
      Also it can install plugins for iManager running on any platform.
      During installation status of progress is displayed.

      Version 1.1 30th Aug 2006
      Added support for SSO plugin
      Resolved bitmap display issues.

      Version 1.0 21st June 2006
      First release having support for pcProx and secure workstation plugins.

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