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In Brief

Determine how much free disk space is available on NetWare servers.


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  • Reporting
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  • Posted:22 Jun 2006
    File Size:10KB
    Publisher:Chad Israel


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    I was asked to determine how much free disk space was available on the NetWare servers so I wrote a few scripts that will anonymously poll our LDAP server and return all the NCP server objects, mount the servers on my Linux workstation and determine the drive space.

    There are few items to modify in the script such as user name, password, domain name, volume you wish to retrieve.
    Section 3 of this file can be modified anyway you like to do other things, such as copy files to the mounted server. does the ldap lookups and creates a txt file with server names. and then calls does the mounting and executes the data collection. If you already have a list of server names then all you need is mapdrive.

    Since you are mounting, both scripts should be run as root

    Things you will need:

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