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In Brief

Bash script for creating a new unique Virtual Machine (VM) based off a source VM.


Functional Categories:
  • Virtualization
  • Posted:21 Jul 2006
    File Size:5KB
    Publisher:Glen Davis


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    Usage -
    xenclone vm-source vm-new NewIPAddress

    Creates a new SLES10 DomU (VM) from an existing SLES10 DomU (VM), the new VM will be cloned from the old VM, but given a new host name, mac address and ipaddress. Thus you can create several "unique" servers from one installed SLES10 VM.
    Once finished the new DomU (VM) should boot without any additional configuration.

    Note -- Currently works with a single NIC, and basic bridge setup.
    Tested with cloning a SLES10 VM, where the VM was created from the SLES10 YaST Virtual Machine Management module. This script will be successful where the source VM has a static ipaddress and using traditional networking with ifup (IE not Network Manager). When finished the new DomU (VM) should appear in the YaST Virtual Machine Management screen with the other existing VMs.

    Before using don't forget to give appropriate rights

    chmod 755 xenclone

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