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NDPS/iPrint Print Queue Monitoring by Nagios

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In Brief

Monitor Print Queue Size of NDPS or iPP Print Queue on a Linux or NetWare Server.


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  • Posted:25 Jul 2006
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    Publisher:Christian Mies


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    check_ipp is a perl script for Nagios that will monitor NDPS / iPrint Print Queues of total job size.

    To find out which Queue is assigned to which printer, the easiest way is to walk through the NDPS Server at https://<NDPSServerIP>:8009/PsmStatus and then follow the Links of the specified printer and then clicking Joblist. In the Address Line behind https://.../JobList/ is a Number, which is the neccessary Queue ID.

    In the Perlscript it is strictly neccessary to enter the credentials for your NDPS Server ( Adminuser, PW, Context ).

    When this is finished, this is the syntax:

    check_ipp -H <NDPSServer> -q <Queuenumber>

    The Warning or Critical Value is not neccessary.

    If using NW 5.x please use the < -5 < switch as an additional argument.

    The check_ipp is tested with OES Netware SP 2.

    For additional Help use check_ipp -h or check_ipp --usage

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