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InetKVYmonitor v1.0.1

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In Brief

Analyzer of user activity for Squid proxy in real time.


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  • SUSE Linux 10.0
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  • Proxy
  • Posted:3 Aug 2006
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    Publisher:Victor Kulichkin


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    InetKVYMonitor - an analyzer of user activty for Squid Web Proxy Cache ( in real time. For this operation is used information of the most Squid's current access log file. The program installs on the Windows workstation. If Squid has been set on the Linux or Unix server, then access to the log file is carried out via the Samba service setting on this Internet server.

    After scanning the log file InetKVYmonitor creates the following statistics in real time:

    • User IP addresses
    • Last URLs of web sites visited by users and the history cache of these URLs for each user. You can set any quantity of URLs in this cache
    • Last access time to these sites
    • Total users loading from the start of the program
    • Current users loading for the last parsing of the program
    • Type of HTTP packets passing via the proxy
    • Hierarchy codes of these packets
    • Program's start time
    • Waiting time till the next parsing
    • Average HTTP loading of the proxy for 5 min.

    Using this program you also can:

    • Sort information in the columns
    • Connect to selected web sites to see where your users were
    • Look through the history cache of these web sites for several cycles of the program
    • Define the DNS name (or workstation name) of the user workstation
    • See users who tried to get access to forbidden websites (403 HTTP code). In this case the program shows these users by yellow background in the main window and gives the signal to the PC speaker


    For the workstation:

    1. Windows XP. The program was not tested on other Windows environments
    2. Network card. For normal work you can use any network card, including wireless connections, but there will be better performance in a case of the faster connection
    3. Internet Explorer v4.0 or later is required to use the Connect modefeature.

    For the Internet server:

    1. The program was tested on the following operation systems: SUSE Linux 10.1/10.0 and FreeBSD 4.9. But we shall be happy if you will inform us about work of the program on other operation systems
    2. Samba Server for the Linux or Unix operation systems
    3. Squid Web Proxy Cache 2.x
    4. Squid access.log must be turned on
    5. Access for reading access.log for the workstation.

    If you have problems with this program or would like to request further enhancements, please email author:

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